Data Visualization


Attempts at translating complex, systemic data into visual and reader-friendly formats.

Surveying, quantifying or framing systems is one challenging thing, but communicating the outcomes to a wider audience, might it be various stakeholders or the general public, is often not less tricky. Here are some personal attempts. 

In this first exemple, I proposed a redesigned and more circular organic waste management system for Reffen Street Food, in Copenhagen.
Although the depicted system is not that complex, the visualization allows both the understanding of the big picture and zooms on specific key areas.

This second exemple displays another level of complexity, both in terms of data represented and in terms of visual language. It goes with the end format it was planned for, a printed A0 format (119*84cm), and with the need for different levels of reading (colored areas first, then pictograms, then text...).
At its date of realization (2016), it worked as a state-of-the-art for 3D printing technologies and their applications.

Louis Rose 2020
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