Circular transition:
a user study

for the Danish Design Center - 2021

A field study digging into the motivations and challenges of people driving the transition to a more circular society.

In order to support the upcoming efforts that the Danish Design Center was preparing towards circularity, I developed, conducted and processed an ethnographic study to gather insights about the people dealing with the concrete challenges of that transition.

While an increasing amount of studies and indicators help quantifying both the current levels of circularity and the potential of transitioning to a more circular society, very little documentation exists focusing more qualitatively on the people having to drive that transition on the field.

In collaboration with DDC, I set out to explore that grey zone by reaching out to actors in various industries and companies, themselves at different stages of their journey towards more circular business models. The testimonies we gathered during these interviews unveil some of the hopes and fears, opportunities and challenges, successes and frustrations, that those people already experience in their everyday, or that they envision for the future of their companies.

These testimonies were documented and gathered in an open-source document that can hopefully play a role in the development of more informed and more humane circular strategies.

A basic documentation prop was created to conduct the interviews, acting both as a mapping tool, red thread and insight-collection tool.

Louis Rose
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