Hi, I’m Louis.

I’m a French guy living in Denmark, where I am trying to figure out what it means to generate Sustainability through Design, to imagine better futures and to implement them - in collaboration with other actors and companies. This is only the beginning of my journey, but I have already been through quite some steps:

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Maybe ironically, I came to find my interest in design through the world of cars, attending fairs and collecting documentation.

Starting my design studies, with a focus on product design, I realize that maybe it’s not cars I like so much, but the harmony induced by a well designed object - it is also at that moment I start spending loads of time at the school’s workshop, making and building stuff.
This is where the CRAFT attractor finds its origins.


It is when working in furniture design agencies in Paris that I start questioning the value of this approach to design. Yet, I learn a lot in terms of project management, communication and 3D modelling.

At the Design school in Kolding (DK), I broaden further my understanding of design, zooming out from my original product-centered view, trying to embrace systems, services, and trying to figure out what could characterize my practice.
The ECOSYSTEM and NARRATIVE attractors appear during that period.

After my graduation, a number of professional experiences have brought some more flesh to this quest, even if it remains unsolved - probably will it be a life-long journey. Working closer with companies and circularity on the one hand, pushing further hands-on exploration of bio-based materials on the other: I am working on making those different scales, approaches and outcomes coexist harmoniously in my practice.

Louis Rose
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Design of sustainable solutions