I have always shown a deep attraction to crafts and the art of making: the contact with materials, the need to understand, train and eventually master the required skills and tools... It is also about taking the time to do something yourself, to fail and try again better. 
While craft techniques are visible throughout many of my projects, the pictures below rather display material explorations and empirical experiments existing beside my main design practice. However, some of these further found more concrete applications in projects, showing that everything is somehow connected.

I have been experimenting a lot with woodworking, most recently with CNC milling. It appears as a promising way to bridge my more traditional attraction to wood with aesthetics inspired by digital modelling.

I had the thrilling opportunity to collaborate with craftsmen from the French National school of Glassblowing. This collaboration, besides making me more familiar with glass-forming techniques, gave me the chance to see a few prototypes made following my designs.

Louis Rose
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Design of sustainable solutions