I had the opportunity, through various media and in collaboration with diverse people, to get some visibility out there in the world. Have a look at the events and publications which allowed me to express my voice and philosophy, and to connect with inspiring people.
Please contact me if you would like to collaborate with me on more of these exciting formats!

ReFlow Report

Voice:  Report 
Title:  Visions for a circular Vejle - Opportunities for the implementation of bio-based alternatives to plastic 
Date: August 2020
Useful links: Read the report here

Consequently to my collaboration with Reflow Vejle, which gave birth to Local Discontinuity, I summed up into this report the insights gathered during the theoretical and practical phases of my investigations. This stands as my contribution to the project and a public example of what can be done by designers when working with future visions in a given place.

Cellophane Magazine

Voice:  Magazine article
Title:  The missing aura of digital fabrication
Date: September 2020
Useful links: Instagram ; Online shop

I wrote an article featured in the third issue of Cellophane magazine. Questionning the perceived struggles of digital technologies of production to confirm their premised potential, I introduce the notion of aura formulated by Walter Benjamin in the 1930s. Isn’t the lack of aura the cause of this deceived revolution?

Look don’t touch

Title: Look don’t touch
Project: Local Discontinuity
Venue: Koldinghus, Kolding (DK)
Date: Sept. 18th until Nov. 22nd 2020 
Useful links: Online catalogue

Local Discontinuity was on show in the exceptional setting of Koldinghus, in Kolding (Denmark). It was part of the Look don’t touch exhibition presenting the graduation projects of the Master programs from Designskolen Kolding.

Odense circular design camp 2020

Voice:  Video 
Context:  Odense Circular Design Camp 2020
Date: November 16th - 18th 2020
A friend working at Regndans, the company in charge of organizing the Circular Design Camp in Odense (Denmark), proposed me to produce a short inspirational video for the participants. I used the 2mn formats to present my profile and share a few ingredients that are, to my point of view, key elements of any good circular design approach.

Louis Rose
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